Thursday, August 17, 2006

It's been a year..

I just got back from a short run... 15 minutes not to bad! I am okay with it!

Anyway... So I am getting really nervous for next week as Waterpolo is starting up again, and we have to go through 2 dry land workouts before we can touch the water. It was about a year ago when I decided that enough was enough and I simply needed to loose weight.. something had to change!!

We were at practice and the coach had us run from the field house down to riverside across the ped bridge by the law building, then down to the place by riverside where its just grass and then straight down to dairy queen, all in all, I think it is probably way under a mile, its semi hilly, one uphil one downhill, and the rest is pretty flat, but not stable ground most of the way and located by a highway.

Anyway, this particular night he had us run to this huge hill, Problem #1 - I couldn't make it to the place where ever was running to, and in my opionion running quite fast without stopping mutlipe times, I wanted to cry, I wanted to give up.... But my attitude of most things is to not give up.. so I didnt' give up, but I probably did cry.. So anyway.. I finally make it to this place where there is a huge hill, the hill on riverside for any Iowa City folks..

Problem #2 - Because I was so slow getting there, everyone had time to rest, but as soon as I got there, he started in on drill number two, which was suicides up and down this hill, I thought he was CRAZYYY!!! - CRAZZzzzYY!! Anyway... Needless to say I could not complete most if not all of them..

Problem #3 - He said, run to the top of the hill and jog back to the feild house.. I am thinking.. hahaha your really funny.. but he was soo dead serious.. by the time I had gotten up to the top of the hill everyone had already gone in the distance, and I was sooo wiped, I was walking it.. but here I saw someone coming back in the distance.. i was like.. uhhh I better start jogging or something..

Problem #4 - My Coach had come back to make sure I was okay, or make sure I wasn't dead, and motivate me I suppose, he ran with me for a while, pushing me which I really enjoyed, I love being pushed, he pushed me to a point where I had to stop, I thoguth i was going to pass out, I coudln't breath, it was not good, he said keep walking.. I'll be back..

nyway so why did I tell you all this? - Well thats what I guess i am expecting to happen come next tuesday night... and i am super scared!! Well not as scared as I thought I would be but scared.. I am planning on running that route tommrow, or on Saturday, and see how it goes.. I'll let you all know.. not that anyone is reading this.. LOL

but anyway.. its been a bout a year since all of this.. that night, that it happened, i Decided I NEEDED to loose weight, it wasnt' a matter of i wanted to, or i wanted to look good, but i just wasn't even healthy any more... I've also decided I need to celebrate my victory of one year.. so my friends are planning something, but I am also going to try and do something just with me and God or maybe just me I dunno.. any thoughts?

Now.. I am sitting here and 60 some odd pounds lost later wondering why I just didn't do it sooner... Wondering if I can loose all the rest of the weight I want to loose, wondering if I will be healthy enough to make it though this years workouts, wondering how I Will do it, So many wonders and so many questions and no answers..


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