Tuesday, August 22, 2006


How cool is it, that right now on the pentacrest there are at least two people praying for this campus, and how cool is it, that in an hour there will also be at least two people, and how cool is it that in 3 hours from now, all the way until Friday at 12:00 there will be numerous amounts of people every hour praying for this city, and this campus... how cool!!!

I was really challenged by Jeff's talk on Sunday morning when he talked about being luke warm Christians, which I have to admit I have been quite as of lately, I have skipped going to things, cuase I haven't just felt it, or I have not gone to serve other things becasue I have forgot, or simply been to lazy.. what in the WORLD has been going on!!

Anyway... Pat said if you can find time to eat, you can find an hour a day to pray.. he is so right, I've been praying at 1:00 everyday and I have to say that I have been so blessed by it! I thought praying for an hour would be really hard, but once your past the first 15 minutes its pretty easy, and even though its a workout, and its challengeing, its the best time in the world, you get to spend it with God. What could be better!!

Even though we are praying for the campus, I find I am learning so much through it all, My heart aches for this city, and I can not wait to see waht God is going to do here. However I have to constantly remind myself of truth as yesterday I was attacked by a gentleman saying something totally innopropriate that really made me feel like crap and it was right after praying, but thankfully God has reminded me, that now is the time when I am closest to God, the Devil will tempt me, I will be tempted, I will fail at times, but I will press on, I will grow closer to God, and I can not wait to see waht he is doing here in this city, I am so excited I can not simply express it in words!


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Why didn't you tell me about your blog sooner! I am so linking to you friend! You are perfect!


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