Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Note to Self

Note To Self - When planning to go for a practice 5K Run, do not take two goldon retrivers with you!

Oh my, I am having a last minute nerves.. I have a 5K on Sunday, the Run for the Schools, which of course I am super excited for, however, I am also nervous. I am also dog sitting this week and thought.. ooh the dogs would like to go for a run, lets go for a run together, two things done at once... bad bad bad idea!

We geared up, using my new nike + ipod which i LOVE!! I will have to do another blog on that at another time, but we started off walking to the end of the street and jumped on the trail, down the hill and before we got .5 kilometers, I felt like I was dragging the dogs! They wanted to stop at everything, and it became so frustrating, I ended up having to walk at times to pull them along. As you can see the dips are where we were walking! but hey, we made some decent time, some part of it!

Not to mention holding the leash and pulling on it at times, made my shoulders cramp up, and hurt! Oh my! What I thought was going to be a fun 5K practice run became a stressful run.. as we were finishing the 3K we had made it back to their street they knew it too, they quickly veared off the path, heading fro the street, and I had to be like.. no no, come over here! whew! what a challenge.

But the last 2K they were peaceful, they were less distracted, I made it successfully through my 5K, I didn't give up when I could have.. all and all it was successful run! I mean... if it was the past me I would have turned around in the first 1K but I made it. However, I am going for run number 2 of 5K tonight and hoping than I can rest until sunday :)


At 9:53 AM , Blogger littlemamaguru said...

Go Leslie Go!!! You are Super Woman woman! You can do it!!! YEAH!!!!!


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