Friday, October 13, 2006

A Healthier Me?... Or The Lies We Listen To..

Last year..
Blood Pressure - 145/95 (On a Good Day)
Resting Heart Rate - 85
Cholesteral - 225
Triglicerides - 162

This Week
Blood Pressure - 120/75
Resting Heart Rate - 58
Cholesteral - 192
Triglicerides - 147
Inches Lost -62

I visted the gym today which I haven't been to for quite some time, not because i haven't been working out, but because I have been running outside and it's suddenly getting colder which I am also not a fan of!

When I originally started running outside, I hated it! Every ounce of my body hated it, it was much harder to run outside than to run on a treadmil, but now, I like running outside, its enjoyable, I get to see things, people, the weather, beautiful things God has created, it's amazing!! I thought that I may have to resort to running inside for the winter, but now I am rethinking this plan.

SO I go to the gym, I think I hate the gym, I forgot when I was running outside that the gym has a mirror on every wall, showing you every fault you have in your body, and not to mention showing you how silly you look when you run. The first 5 minutes of my run I think I spent analizing if I had made any progress on my body, my self anything the past year, because it sure didn't look like it! WOW the lies we let our mind wander with when it has any chance!

I kept thinking about how much I needed to workon, which maybe gave me some new motivation that I had been lacking, but I am thinking I am not really to anxious to go back to the treadmill anytime soon, I prefer running outside with no mirrors, running in God's glorious land he has created enjoying all the things he provided. What's your prefernce? Are you an indoor runner, or an outdoor? Do you LOVE the mirrors at the gym or do you have a love hate relationship with them :)


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