Monday, October 16, 2006

219 out of 891 - I'll take it!!

This past weekend I completed the 5K Run for the Schools and I am pretty run for the schoolshappy with my results! :) - Pics Here

I placed 219 out of 891 who ran/walked the 5K - I'll take it!!
I placed 12 out of 23 finishers among Women 20 - 24 - I'll take it!!!

That means.. I am in the top 1/4 of the 5Kers!! I am pretty psyched about this! This run was my fastest time so far in any 5K that I have ran, and I wasn't even close to being last... oooh it makes me feel good.

Saturday I got a call from a friend who I was supposed to race with, saying she couldn't race because she was sick, I felt so bad.. I felt bad because we trained together, I was pumped up to run with her, and it would have been her first 5K. I felt so bad.. I was totally disapointed but it wasn't her fault, it happens.. but I decided that even if others cannot come to watch, or to run, I can still run and who am I doing this for? me or someone else.. it would have been really nice to have a running partner.. but its okay, I had the best running partner there ever could be, GOD!!

I made it to mile 1 in 11:14 which I was fairly happy with, thats the fastest mile I have ever ran. The second mile was a little more of a struggle but I made it in a little over 12 or 13 minutes, however by the last mile, I felt so wonderful, I was estatic! I am sure the photographer dude got a cheesy grin on my face around 2.6 miles or so.. we'll see when they come out. I couldn't wait to see the finish line, and I had settled into a good pace. The last 1/4 of a mile is all down hill I can't think of a better way to end a race! I finished the race it was great!

However, the after the race effect did not go so well. Shortly after finishing I was coughing up a storm, I felt like I coudln't breath, I sounded like when I had brochitus, and my lungs were all rattly, I thought maybe it was from not wearing enough to protect my lungs from the cold air, but after doing some research I am finding that Exercise Induced Ashma, which I have, tends to flair up in colder air, It took all day and eventually me just sleeping to feel like I could breath again, I am hoping it will get better, as I would love to continue running outside this winter.

I am just amazed time and time again how amazing God was when he designed this body of his, all the wonderful things it can do with some training and trusting in him, he definitly deserves all the glory for my victory! He was an amazing running partner, with all his encouraging vereses and wisdom, how could you go wrong, how could you not be at your top game, for if God is for you, who possibly can be against you!


At 11:39 PM , Blogger littlemamaguru said...

You're beautiful! I love you and am so proud of you sista!

At 8:21 AM , Blogger Leslie said...

yay! Thanks Dana! I really appreciate your comments.


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