Friday, October 20, 2006

Good Genes

My mom called last night to inform me that my counsin, who I don't know very well, or at all, but I kind of recongize the name WON the Des Moines marathon (Check out the full story here)

Anyway, my mom went on to tell me that I must have good running genes and I just had to laugh! I have never been a runner, I mean... don't get me wrong, I did track in Junior High, and the only event that I did was 200M hurdles (which I am sure my mom would tell you, she had to close her eyes every time I went over a hurdle, I wasn't a graceful hurdler) and maybe the occassional 400M Relay, and then of course I did shot put but I didn't really love track practice, but it was the "sport" of the season so I did it.

I didn't participate in Track when I got to HS, to much running I said. And I never really ran in College, I tried to pick it up a couple times, but it was to painful, I couldn't breath, How was anyone supposed to run and breath at the same time and not have their side ache with pain! I gave up quickly.

I never picked up running again until our coach in Waterpolo made us run and once again I thought I was going to die.. you can see my previous post..

But now.. I live to run! I LOVE running! I beg my roomate at 9:00 at night to just let me go run just one mile, 12 minutes and i'll be back I promise. (Thanks A) Yes, its still tough, yes its definitly a challenge, yes sometimes it hurts, but its amazing!!

I just recently bought my second pair of running shoes, that means I have ran a little over 400 miles! WOW!! How in the world did I run 400 miles! at my slow pace of 14-15 minutes a mile which was last year that would be 100 hours of running! Thankfully because I have been running more I have gotten faster! Yay!! I am now down to 11 minutes a mile! WHEW!

Anyway, someday I hope to complete a marathon, like my counsin, but definitly won't be that fast, she finished in 2:42:19! Thats like.. 6:19 a mile! thats smoking fast in my opionion and for 26.2 miles, wowa. She also gets to compete at the Olympic trials in Boston how sweet is that.

I have major goals ahead of me.. I've now completed 3 5K's all with improving times(SUCCESS) and I've done a Sprint Triathalon(SUCCESS). But I have some other goals on the list, next summer I plan on racing in at least one Olympic Distance Triathalon (1.5Km swim, 25 mile bike, 10K run), I also plan on doing at least one Sprint Triathalon, I am so excited yet nervous at the same time, I hoping those good genes will help me with my running training to get me to the 10K run and i'll be set... who knows in a couple years, I may be tri'ing a Ironman.. who would have ever thought, and nope.. I haven't gone crazy.. yet! :)


At 10:53 PM , Anonymous Dana said...

You continue to amaze me woman!

If I can ever get this ole body of mine out for a run again, can you teach me home to do it right?

If I can't run alongside you, the kids and I would love to go just to cheer you on! Go Leslie Go!

At 10:32 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Less about you, more about the nephew!!!!!


At 10:06 PM , Anonymous Dana said...

The nephew is definitely one of the cutest kids ever, but I want to hear more about Leslie in this forum! :)! Come on Leslie! Write more! Don't leave me hanging! I love when you write!

Have a great Tuesday! I am praying for your Wednesday! and I will see you Wednesday night! Yeah!


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