Thursday, June 05, 2008

Six and counting..

6 Miles... is farther than i thought..

Last night I ran my first ever 6 miler! It was fun, and I ran it a lot faster than I ever thought I would but it also definitly had it's challenges. As I am preping for the Hy-vee Tri which is just over 2 weeks, I am getting more and more nervous and more and more excited. I am trying to work out my refueling strategies for the run, as well as my strategies for the run in general since I can't have my trusty Ipod with me..

It's so much easier when you have music, it keeps you moving, it keeps you on pace, it motivates you. But Since I can't have it at the tri's I needed to start training with out music, oh brother! My strategy for the run last night was to run 11 minutes, and then grab a drink of water and some gel or beans, and keep going, because this is what is going to have to happen at the order to keep me cool enough and not overheat as well as keeping me hydrated enough..
I was suprised however that last night I would run until it said 1 mile... and most times it was before the 11 minute marker... my thoughts though thru those 9 - 10 minutes were ohh will I ever make it there.. maybe I should just make this a short run, maybe today isn't the day for 6 miles.. but I did make it!! Each mile I took in water and gel which slowed me down a little at the mile, but it actually made my run times faster :)

According to my Nike+ my mile times were this.. Mile 1 was in 10:49, Mile 2 was in 11:08, Mile 3 was in 9:56, Mile 4 was 10:28 (I didn't take in any gel between mile 4 and mile 5) and Mile 5 was 11:25, and Mile 6 was 9:00! Which all together put me just over an hour.. it was good! I'll take it!
It's official that in just over 2 weeks I'll be runnin in the Hy-Vee Triathlon (my first ever olympic distance tri) - Hopefully it will all be good! :) I am getting excited!


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