Thursday, August 21, 2008

I have to say..

I have to say that I am udderly and totally confused as of late!

I have to say that I am trying to eat healthier but I am soo confused as to what I should eat and what I shoudln't eat.. I am finding my self either.. not eating, because I am afraid it might have some bad affect on my body or I am overeating because I am soo confused (not to mention haven't had much to eat the days before!) and get to frustrated with the research that I just say forget it, and I eat what I want..

I have to say that all of the sudden for some reason people in my group of friends have decided that HFCS is really bad for you.... but I don't know if I really believe that, I want like hard evidence, good solid research and I have yet to see it..

I have to say that the research out there on HFCS is very limited, and for the most part from all that I have read is HFCS is just another sugar, there has not been one study that I have found to proven it to actually link it to obesity, or have really harmful effects to your body. Also the prevalence of obesity is increasing around the world, however HFCS outside the United States is very limited or non exisistent.. this dones't make sense to me..

I have to say that with all the research out there, and yet there is no research to tell us that it is a direct link to obesity, or damaging our body's, why is everyone getting so concerned about getting rid of it in their diet? Is this just another trend in society? Are people becoming more aware of something that I am totally missing?

Further more.. I have to say, that anyone who totally alleminates HFCS from their diet will be mostly eating whole foods (vegetables, fruits, and proteins, maybe whole grains) things that are unprocessed? right? so if you were eating that kind of stuff, wouldn't that in and of it's self lead you down a path of loosing weight? Unless maybe if you ate to much of it, but still... couldn't a person still eat a small of HFCS in some processed food, and be living a healthy lifestyle? a good diet? and good exercise?

I have to say that I am totally and uderly confused, and frustrated, but maybe that's just me :)!


At 7:02 PM , Anonymous Dana said...

Leslie, you are amazing! I think you have truly summed it up for so many of us. I have always admired you for your healthy eating and wished I could be as good at it as you are!

I am not an Anti-HFCS girl but a minimal HFCS girl. One thing that made sense to me was reading from the I think American Diabetes website, which they talk about getting out sugary drinks (either sodas or juices with HFCS), which I think I read too on the American Heart website. It wasn't that those sites were pointing out that HFCS was bad and should be eliminated, as more just pointing out the amount of sugar. (Which to someone who has a family history of diabetes, lowering sugar intake now could help prevent diabetes later.) To me, that seems like a pretty straight forward suggestion that had research and merit.

I think that is where the rubber meets the road for Josh (and subsequently me but I think my personality doesn't like sugar much so I am not with much an opinion) is the amount of sugar in something. If something is going to be sugary on purpose, he'd prefer it be honey or something natural. If something is not supposed to be sugary (say like a red sauce) and the amount of sugar is high, then I try and choose one that isn't as high (like not in the top 4). It could still have HFCS but just not one of the top ingredients. However, we still eat frozen pizzas, ice cream, cake mix boxes and coffee creamer, yum, yum!

I thought I had heard too that they use it because it is cheap (corn, iowa, cheap, :)!) and because it acts as a preserving agent in some way? Do you know on that one?

Funny thing too, when I lived in Italy, they had Coke but the size of a coke can was 6oz and it cost you $4 vs here where you can get a 32oz refill for $0.79.

Either way friend, I think you are an amazing cook! AND, I think you know better than all of us on how to plan healthy meals.

At 7:07 PM , Anonymous Dana said...

Hmmm... I just re-read my comment... my point was, I hear you friend, I don't completely understand all the fuss with HFCS (like I do with PHO, which I can see clearly why it is not good for us). I think of HFCS like sugar, so I don't eat a lot but I do eat some... hmmm... does that make sense? I would guarantee that you have been doing that all along without even knowing it, :)!

At 8:04 PM , Anonymous Charity said...

I have been, oh so recently, right where you are - so confused about what to eat that I don't eat anything, or I give up and eat everything. Last June, faced with a health issue and trying to choose between wholistic medicine and conventional - I was looking at some major diet changes. After two days it was evident that the steps I was being told to take, I couldn't handle. I was literally in tears in my kitchen because I didn't know what to eat.

It's taken over a year and many, many books later, but I'm making better choices on a consistent basis. I don't have hard research to quote you on HFCS, but here's my position - I'm trying to greatly limit processed foods. To me, it's common sense that eating whole foods is good for you.

I know you're busy - allow me to extend a standing invitation to you - eat a meal with us once a week. I will do my best to provide you with whole, unprocessed foods for its entirety. I need someone to help me eat up all these veggies, try out my new recipes and give me ideas and feedback. I'm also up for planning our meals together if you want. We can work it all around your schedule. ;-)

At 9:25 AM , Blogger Leslie said...

Charity & Dana,

I appreciate your heartfelt feedback and the time you each took to write something :) I think to some my post may have come off as harsh, but it wasn't meant that way, I was just feeling really frustrated as of late with all the hype and needed to jot down my thoughts, so I could process them.. ya know..

Just like you've said Dana, I have been mimalizing all along.. but I still have a little waise to go in the mimalizing department :) but maybe we'll all get there some day! I think we can all always improve.. but I just need to take a step back.. and make baby steps :)

Charity, I Will soooo take you up on your offer!! I will email you :)


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