Monday, December 18, 2006

I've been really challenged the past 8 days, I would love to go outside and run, and with all the nice weather we have been having, I have been wishing even more that I could run or bike, everytime I see a runner or a biker, I wish I could be them.. but it may not be happening for a long time..

Two weeks ago, I had a MRI done on my left knee, I was very nervous going in, sitting in the waiting room was torture, I just wanted it done, and out of there! Everyone around me had someone sitting next to them, I was begining to think I should have taken up my friends offer to come with me, but I was being to prideful, thinking they would not want to wait 30 minutes for me in the waiting room while I was having the procedure done.. I think thats me a lot, I tend to try to do it on my own, really wanting someone there, but either to prideful or to ashamed to ask..

Anyway, so I went into the MRI room, thankfully, I got to do it a the Hospital, this was blessing 1 from God! The rooms are much nicer there, the ceilings are sky blue titles with beautiful trees branching into the sky, it reminded me so much of God's beauty. No expense was spared for these rooms, which I was so thankful for. Secondly, I got some really nice techs, they made me feel comfortable, when my heart was racing. Thirdly, I got to listen to music, and as they put the music on, it made me feel, as though God was right there, protecting me, calming my heart, my favorite song, was playing, it made me really think again that God cares about every littel dettail of our lives, he knows us so intametly, he knows what we need, and when we need it, and he wants to be your protector and careing father when you let him!


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