Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Love Heals Your Heart

I really like this new song!!

Love Heals Your Heart by Third Day

"Love Heals Your Heart"
Did you think you were immune to this
Did you think you could escape without infection
You do all you’re able to resist
Just to avoid the danger of rejection

Memory warns you of the past
When it all went wrong

When you think your life is shattered
And there’s no way to be fixed again
Love heals your heart
At a time you least expected
You’re alive like you have never been
Love heals your heart

Everybody has a wall to climb
That was built to guard the pain that holds them captive
Every smile that they would hide behind
Will try to mask the hurt beneath the surface

Sometimes it’s hard to understand
How we’re trapped inside

The lyrics ring so true! How often do I think that I can just escape or be immune to something that is trapping me from my past..when my past haunts me and traps me, and I think I free, and then I am not, but someone comes along side of me, and helps me along the way.

The smile that I hide behind when things aren't neccessarly going just the right way, and I think no one will or would ever understand what I am going through, past or present, a loving friend comes my way, points me in the right direction, helps me see the light again. I am so thankful I have loving friends!


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