Monday, December 29, 2008

God is in control...God has a plan...God's plan is really really good.

I had a great plan for our trip to faithwalkers.. that was conceived just days before faithwalkers.. while I think God’s plan for our trip to faithwalkers was planned long before that.

My plan consisted of bonding 5 single women together thru talking about the word, our daily lives, and playing some fun games with our past life experiences.. while God’s plan for bonding 5 women together.. well.. that looked VERY different..

God’s plan was a 9 hour car ride, I think he must have decided 9 hours was much better for bonding than the normal 5 hours it would take.. God’s plan also was lots of prayer before hand bonding us together thru praying for our trip before it even begin for flights to arrive on time and a safe trip..

God’s plan was for a friend to fall on the ice and then to transport her 9 hours and take care of her the entire time who required a lot of care. But because she needed extra care, it bonded all of us closer together, we had to come close and support each other, we could not bicker over where to stop, or when, or anything for that fact, we instead drew closer together, supporting each other, with facts and love to support each other, with hugs and funny facts, such as at least were getting better gas mileagea since we are only going 35 instead of 70 and documentation of course J It allowed us to welcome our new roomie into our lives and extended time!

MY plan was getting the most out of every faithwalkers session while God’s plan was very different.

I missed the majority of the first two sessions as I chatted back and forth with Alicia at the hospital.. I missed the first breakout session because I was still at the hospital.. I made it to the afternoon session I felt really important and I was so grateful, I was overwhelmed with emotions and feelings and lack of sleep, I had yet to see any amount of sleep, since I had been up for 18 hours and only getting only 4 hours of sleep the night before.. but in the session it was shared from Ruth, God is in control, God has a plan, and God’s plan is always really good, and to be honest.. I needed to hear that because I was beginning to wonder. I made it to sleep at 5:00 after being up for 40+ hours.. thinking I would just sleep for an hour… and make it to the evening session.. I even set two alarms.. but as I quickly fell asleep, I slept thru two alarms, two phone calls… and miss the evening session, and yet, that was God’s plan..

I woke up this morning.. yet still tired, and now semi sick, had I not slept, I can only imagine that I would be really sick. God’s thoughts and ways are not my ways, and I am thankful for that.. At breakfast this morning I lost it emotionally thinking about how all of what has happened is my fault, and I failed so many people, wondering if I did the right things, if I did it all right.. but as I cried out to God, God answered me and said...

Isaiah 55:8-9
For my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways declares the Lord.
As the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts..

I still feel bad about all that has happened,.. I am still sick, and my faithwalkers still doesn’t look anything like what I thought my faithwalkers would EVER look like.. however I know that God is good and God has a plan, and his plan is really really GOOD.


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