Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Small nudges.. big steps

I was over at the Hospital this morning waiting in a sea of people to get an x-ray taken for my foot, as X-ray was way behind, and it turns out, that I didn't just sprain my ankle a week adn a half ago, I also sprained my actual foot.. who knew you could actually sprain your foot.. anyway.. they wanted to make sure that it wasn't broken.. so I was waiting..

A nurse whelled in this patient, an ederly woman on a gurnee, she was alert, lying there, and all alone, I felt God nudging me to talk to her, but instead I sat, silent, and smilied, she smiled back, I felt God nudge again, I am thinking.. okay.. so maybe I should talk to her, but what in the world do I say.. I have no idea how to even start a conversation with her.. how is it possible.. so I ignored it.. I got into some other coversations around me, and then.. she spoke.. I stood up, taking a step closer to her, and asked what did you say.. she said she felt like she was in the way of it all.. .. I smiled and laughed and said nah.. I felt such a blessing over come me as I took a step of faith and wonder if there was any way that God would be blessed by the conversation I was entering into.. could I use this for his glory, did he have a plan for all of this..

We began to chat about the holidays you could see her smile over her relief as she shared her story of troubles yet you could still see that she felt okay, comfortaed, I felt like I was God's hands working, We talked for probably 10 minutes or so before her name was called it was such a blessing to me, it reminded me of my mom, and my grandma, and wonderful people I know. I felt like God's hands working. As her name was called I said Good luck and God bless, she smiled brightly, and said you too, thank you.

I've never been so open to say God Bless, or talk to someone like that, but I truely felt blessed by God, and I truely felt God blessed me by her. I was so thankful that I might have been able to be his hands and his feet by obeying his little nudges. She also helped me feel more at ease taking my mind off of the other things that were going on.. I also realied that maybe its really not so hard to start relationships or converstaions or to show Gods love for people.

If I was able to reach out here and show love and compassion to a complete stranger, to someone that I knew nothing about, how much easier can it be to reach out and show love to those that I already love around me.. I felt so blessed to show love to someone that I did not know. I felt as though God had truely blessed me with all the right words and I could not thank him enough, I felt empowered by him..


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