Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Loser Buys Lunch? :)

As most of you know by now my Roomate and I are running a Triathalon in only 62 days?!!? Crazziness!! However I am way excited.. Our have you tri'd today program is truely motivating each of us to push further and found each of us doing sit ups and throw downs last night on the lawn after a bike ride, laughing so hard at times we couldn't complete them, but all in great fun. We've pushed each other to new limits in the past 8 days and found working out on a regular basis more successful.

My roomate recently got a nike plus ipod, i've mentioned them before.. this gadget totally rocks my world! and we've used this to increase our running, we currently are running our loser buys lunch challenge consquetvely with our have you tri'd today challenge. However Loser buy's lunch challenge ends today!!! It's a semi close race, and the loser also gets to pick the next challenge which could be many things, so it will be intresting to see what the next weeks challenge will be, I am soo glad there is another person out there I know that has a nike+ It's so much more fun to challenge someone you know!!

Who's it gonna be? :) I am getting nervous!


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