Thursday, May 03, 2007

Have you Tri'd Today?

We have a new slogan in our household, Have You Tri'd Today?

It's currenlty 68 days including today to the Danskin Triathalon in July. Since both Amber and I are doing the triathalon in 68 days I've implemented the Have You Tri'd Today Program! :) I am excited about it, and so far its working.

Here is what one of the pages looks like, its a little blooklet of sorts, right now we have it sitting on our counter, but I hope to move it to our fridge soon.

Each day there is a section to write our workouts after you've completed it, and to post a challenge to each other, as well as support each other by posting comments such as way to go, an encouraging verse, whatever is on your heart! I am way excited about it.

Since we are both ultra competive people it works well! we simply can't turn challenges down, and if you challenge one person to something, the goal is you should also do the challenge as well!

It has been encouraging to see the excitment that Amber and I have had over it, talking at night, did you see the challenge for tommrow or no excuses for missing workouts, or realizing its only how many days?? and needless to say we haven't missed workouts and we haven't missed challenges!

I am excited to see the growth, I am also excited to see it applied to other areas of my life, have I tri'd today in my walk with God, Have I tri'd today in my relationships, Have I tri'd today in various things, it's good to see it on paper! I am sooo very excited for our triathalon but it is coming soon!! SO have you TRI'D Today?


At 10:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I say that that post made me very sad. I was very excited to do that with you guys. Next year it is on. But I am very excited for you guys and that challenge thing seems awesome. Keep up the amazing work girls you are so inspiring to me.


At 10:36 PM , Blogger Leslie said...

Hey Brittney!

If you have time, you should come with us, I am sure we have room in our hotel room, and I am sure it would still be an amazing weekend, we would love to have you there chearing us on! I can't wait for you to do it with us next year, I know that you will rock! Thanks for commenting!


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