Friday, February 16, 2007

Pampered Ladies Night! :)

Do I truely look like I am 8 or 9 years younger than I really am? Last night My sister and I went to a Pampered Ladies Night, which we both had a great time!

I happen to won the two tickets off the Radio, which was a total God thing! :) I was at work, and I often listen to three different things, either KZIA, KNWS, or my ITUNES music.. That day I happen to be listening to KZIA and it was around 4:30 and I was thinking about leaving early.. after all it was friday, but then I felt a need to stay.. I dunno just to stay? I felt something telling me I should stay, so I stayed, then came on KZIA call in number 9 to win a ladies pamper night.. it was right around 4:55 and I was like.. huh, why not.. so I called.. and to my surprise! I WON!! I was so psyched! :)
I got the tickets in the mail, each cost 30 dollars if you actually bought them, so I was pretty pysched, next was, who to take with.. I wanted to use it for a good cuase, I thought about a lot of people that I could ask.. but then God totally lead me to ask my sister! yay!! Ever since Liam has been born, we haven't gotten to spend a lot of time together, so itw as the PERFECT excuse, and there can't be much better than to get pampered as a mom.. so I called her up, and she said.. sure.. Really, she said SURE? ;) I was psyched!
Valentines Day came and went.. it didn't even really phase me becuase for the first time in a long time, I dunoo I didn't even really think about it, Sure I got some valentines at work from other coworkers as well but I just felt I was totally OKay being SINGLE!! :) after all I already have one of the most amazing husbands, Jesus!! :) And.. my Vday present, was my ladies night pampering!! which I was looking way forward to!

Soo.. Heather and I went.. and we both had a really great time! It also was a great time for me and her to just talk about our lives.. which was perfect! Thanks God!!! We got to try some amazing food, from BBQ This, and Raspberry Fondue from HyVee Cooking Club (Who Knew they had a cooking club?) and other amazing treats along the way..

We also both got Chair Massages!! ooh how wonderful!, we both got Manciures, provided by capri College, we both got Facials, ohhh how amazing!! did they feel, and hte mostiurizer!! I felt like a queen, We got whittening strips for our teeth, parafin dips for our hands! (provided by St, Lukes Women Health, which made them ooh so soft and made them feel oooh so good) We got to try out wine from Shueyville Winnery, Homemade Fudge from a personal shopper, got make up done with Bare Essesntials makeup.. We Got a 50 Dollar Gift Card From A Salon, and Heather and I both plan on getting a Massage, for 10 bucks!! :)

Whew!! We got some major pampering, but we had so much fun together! But I frequently got asked.. So are you in highschool, I had to laugh, but by the third time the person asked me it..
It was a girl at Prudential Fiancial, who had free cake, I was like.. what? She said..
her - so what are you.. like in highschool..
me - I laughed.. umm no, I have a real job..
It was so funny at the time becuase I was thinking man.. a month or two ago, I would just have never talked to this girl.. I would have walked away, and thought oh well... but God has really been teaching me to step out of my comfort zone and talk to people, to actually have a converstaion, instead of being shy.. like I have been in the past when I don't know anyone.. We probably had a 10 minute converstaion and I found out that her friend sitting next to her is good friends with a big shot in the "pharmacy" world, so that was pretty cool. It was neat to see that I didn't have to feel like I was being fake, or umcomfortable, or distant, but I could be me..I could be confident in me, and not have to think twice about it.. But.. I am still curious as to why everyone thinks I am in highschool? Do I really look 8 years younger than I am? Not that I really want to go back 8 years.. but just curious, I guess its a good thing in some aspects, its just weird! :)


At 1:21 AM , Blogger Seth said...

Leslie. You look fabulous. I very happy to hear that your opening up and that you dont need a crazy guy stend on the edge of your roof anymore to get you to talk a one. I love spending night talking and have fun with you. I hope everything is going. Well for you.


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