Tuesday, January 23, 2007

North Liberty Biggest Loser

Last night we had our second weigh in for a competition that my roomate and I are doing with the North Liberty Rec Center. The competition is called Biggest Loser North Liberty, and has provided new opportunities new excitment, new motivation! The whole deal is there were 16 women to start with and we split into two teams.. however.. my roomate and I are on seperate teams.. I am on the Blue team ( GO BLUE!! ) and my roomate is on the Red team. The teams each consist of 8 women which I am totally praying that somehow God will use both my roomate and I throughout this time through March to be lights there and just maybe open new doors to relationships, I am encouraged!

We weigh in every Monday night, I being an ultra competive person that I am, and knowing that my roomate was on the other team, worked SUPER hard this past week full out knowing that it would be and will be harder for me to loose more weight since I am getting down there and I've been doing it for quite some time... I watched what I ate, but ate healthy and never eer cut my self short of my days "points" (I am using weight watchers for my eating) and I worked out like a mad women! Okay.. so I can't run.. which would be the easist way to loose weight, so instead, I went to the gym every day... 4 days I lifted weights upper body, I can't do lower body just yet and also did abs.. I also swam and aqua jogged 5 or 6 days.. All was good, I felt good about the week, and was nervous getting through the weekend, but made it through..

The weighin! - I ended up loosing 7 pounds!!! infact I was so excited I threw my hands up on the scale as she was weighing me, and she was like.. ooh hold on a sec, I am like.. oops.. sorry.. It was just soo exciting!! My work had paid off, and the even better part was that everyone and I mean everyone in our Group was supportive!! we all clapped and cheered as numbers were said, it felt sooo good! Everyone in our group that should up to weighin lost weight! how awsome is that!!! I am so encouraged, and motivated! - My roomate did amazing as well too.. I am so proud of her!!! It was her first week that I really didn't help her as much and she went to it!

Losing weight is hard work! and there is no easy short cut to it, but I was so encouraged after we just weighed in together, it made me want it even more, and it makes you really accountable, after all if your not there next Monday, thats just as bad. I know that each choice I make throught the week will affect the scale next Monday.. and even though I am competivite,.. I can't wait to see everyone in the group succeed!! :) - yay!!! And I am just now 2 pounds away from hitting my 75 pound mark! soo I am pretty sure that I'll hit it next week.. WOWZERS!! I can't even imagine.. I am trying to think how much that really is.. but I am pretty encouraged by just that thought.. its amazing to see how far you come when you look back :)


At 12:20 AM , Anonymous Dana said...

Go Leslie Go!

At 8:19 AM , Blogger Leslie said...

Thanks Dana!

At 2:57 PM , Anonymous Buffy said...

You write very well.


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