Thursday, January 25, 2007

ABC's and 123's..

On another discussion board that I belong to some girls were discussing how they easily lost track of all their laps they were swimming because its hard to remember the number you are on when your swimming, you loose track easily especially in long distances, its hard to count 26 laps or even 32 laps for that fact, (which is approximently one mile)! so one person mention that they took the alphabet and started counting laps by it, only for each lap they used an animal for each letter, and thought of that while going, which kept their mind busy while swimming which sometimes can be a task, its amazing what you think of while swimming, like how many times can i count to 4 or 6 or 3 becuase that is the number of strokes I normally take before I take a breath.. however I decided this was a good idea, but I didn't want to do animals.. so I have been working for quite sometime on the charactheristics of God so I did that.. WOW it was refreshing!!

Here's what it pretty much sounded like!
- A - Amazing, God is Amazing! He has made me into an amazing person, I can do some amazing things but only through God. hmm I wonder what B will be ohh flip turn..

B - Beautiful, God is Beautiful! God made me beautiful, he sees all his children as beautiful and lovely in his sight. I wonder how many people actually think they are beautiful.. ooh flip turn

C - Child! - I am God's Child and he LOVES me for just that, he is my father, my dad, my saving grace, he is the one I can run to when I need help, or when I just need an ear to talk to..

D - DAD! - God is my dad! He loves me right where I am, he loves me for just who I am, he cares about everything I do, even just swimming, he loves to watch over me.

E - Everywhere, God is everywhere! God is present in all his power everwhere and all the time (PS 139:7-12) He is the God of all the earth!

F - FAITHFUL, GOD is faithful! He is faithful with everything, he follows thru on all his promises, I can trust in his goodness, and his grace and his mercy, and his love, ooh I got a good G

G - GOOD, God is GOOD! He is good in all he does, he loves and cares for all of us, and he is GRACIOUS! and full of GRACE! hmm I h..

H - HOLY, God is HOLY! He is perfect in all he does, and he is pure! (Habakkuk 1:13) hmm a b c d e f g h ohh yes I

I - IRREPLACEABLE, GOD is IRREPLACEABLE! There is nothing on this earth that could replace him, there is nothing that can fill my life with such great things as him, there is nothing as good or as great as him he is irreplaceable.

J - JESUS - God sent us JESUS!! God sent us JESUS to save us all, becuase he loved us so much! and wanted to see us again! He sent new hope and love into this world his only son, JESUS!

K - KING, God is KING, God is king of my heart! He is the king of all kings! He set me free from this world, from the sin that I live in..

L - LOVE - God is LOVE!! HE loves me.. yes me.. (1 John 4:8) He really is LOVE!! GOD LOVES ME SOOO MUCH! HE is faithful in his covenant and his is faithful in his love that rains down on me!

M - MERCIFUL - God is MERCIFUL, (Psalm 57:1) I can take refuge in his mercy!! he is rich in his mercy and his provisions, in all he does!

I went thru the whole alphabet, I think the only letters I couldn't come up with something were for was Z. It felt so rerfreshing to remind my self of all the amazing charactherstics of God and it help me keep track of my laps, and keep my mind on all good things! I had a great swim, which means, *drum roll* I got approved to go back to swimming!!! like real swimming! PRAISE GOD!!

Anyway.. so if there is any task that you do that you have to do over and over again maybe you could try it, since then I've also done how God sees me, and all that Jesus has done for me! It reminds me while swimming why I am here, and how amazing God is and that I am a child of his, and it is truely an honor! My identity in Christ is amazing and if you are a child of God, so is yours, even if you just haven't seen it that way yet!!


At 10:51 AM , Anonymous Dana said...

Thanks for those encouraging words!

That is so neat Leslie! I always make myself memorize verses while exercising so I keep focused and not give up.

I was thinking though, how about zealous for z? God is zealous about you!! or God wants you to be zealous for Him?

At 12:26 PM , Blogger Leslie said...

Thats a sweet Z word. I like it!

Thanks Dana!

It's so cool to think of all the cool words that describe how God is or feels for us!


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