Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wanna Workout! :)

I have a new passion, okay. so maybe not quite so new.. but its still newer.. I love love love to workout with people and I love to train them!

I love to push people to their limits and then just take them a little farther than where they think they could have gone, I love to push them just slighty past their mental limits in efforts to gain a healthier perspective of workout, feeling amazing, loosing weight, etc etc..

You say this may sound so cruel.. nonsense.. how do you get anywhere physically in life or with your health if you are not just slighty pushed past your comfort zone? :) oooh I know I would have never gotten where I was if someone would have never pushed me out of my comfort zone! so I am very eagerly and thankful to pay it forward!

Last night I got to train 3 people all at once whew! what a workout for me in and of its self and a challenge, but I sooo loved it, We did circuits, I had one or two people on the treadmill and one person with me on a machine doing either triceps, or biceps and then we would switch out, the people on the tredmill were at a comfortball walking pace, however at an incline of 3.0 and when I had a second I would run over and up the incline.. ooh so much fun.. then we would rotate!! I loved every minute of it! We also did skull crushers I think they were everyones favorites!! I love them, they work your triceps so well and you can do them at home! The picture on the right is similar just do them on the floor with whatever you have.. 5 pounds is usually enough for people to feel it and dumbbells work great! keep your elbows in to your body! and when you get tired.. try pulsing instead of going up and down at a certain spot for 30 seconds.. you should feel it in your triceps!

Then.. we got to work our abs! We did some normal ab work and did some throw downs..

While lying down grab your partner's legs as he stands with his feet on both sides of your head. While keeping your legs straight or slightly bent (but locked into place) bring your feet to your partner's chest as fast as you can. Remember to use your abs as much as you can and don't let your hip flexors and legs do the work. Your partner should then throw your legs down fairly hard. Your partner can also throw every other one to the sides after you get the hang of it. Your feet should NEVER touch the ground before your bring them up for the next rep and always bring them back up as fast as you can, try doing it for a certain time instead of so many.

The best part of the night was when one person said congratulations you just survived your first Leslie workout, it made me smile, I apprecaite them so much for letting them allow me to help them! I only hope they don't hate me to much afterwards, in the gym, I mean business!... most of the time :)

wanna workout? :)


At 3:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

(You don't know me. I'm a friend of Dana's...) I think it's awesome that you're helping other people and pushing them. I always have the best intentions to work out and push myself, but it's difficult to keep going when it get's "hard" without someone holding me accountable. I wish I lived in IC so I could get a "Leslie workout"

At 12:33 PM , Blogger Leslie said...

Hey thanks!

However.. anytime you want to stop by IC feel free to let Dana or I know, I would love to give ya a workout, I totally understand how hard it is, even to get to the gym sometimes without someone holding ya accountable.

Don't let it ever stop ya though.. you can do it!! :)

At 8:17 AM , Anonymous Rob said...

Yes, Leslie, you're a cruel taskmaster during the workout...:) But I'm ready for another round. :) Thanks for your help!


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