Tuesday, February 13, 2007

3 Cuties! = Fun Fun Fun!

This past weekend I got the priveldge of babysitting the Cramer Cuties Miriam, Max, and Zeke, while Dana and Josh were at the Couples Conference, I had soo much fun!!

I was a little nervous going into the weekend as it would be an overnight and I would have three kids for a day and a half, and wasn't quite sure all the mischeif that they could cause, and Dana had sent me a long email with instructions, with their crazy quirks, things they like, or don't like, etc..

On Saturday morning, we watched cartoons together, and Miriam and I put togher some puzzles, and then we were trying to decide if we wanted to go to Harry the Dog thing at the Library or the Children's Museum.. we decided to go to the Children's Museum, on the way their, I got all sorts of questions.. such as.

"Are you sure you know how to drive?"
"Are you sure you know where it is?"

And of course as were going there "Are you sure were going the right way?" Zeke was quite confident that I knew were I was going, but Max was not quite sure, he just wasn't quite convinced until we actually saw the mall that I knew where I was going.. And then there was Miriam, who was amazingly quite, she said absolutly nothing, until.. we pulled up and she saw the children's museum, and then she all the sudden was soo excited! it was great.

We had a great time at the museum,(except for the 30 seconds, that felt like a lifetime, when miriam disappeared!) the boys and miriam all played really well together, I was so amazed by the children's museum I had never been there, it is soo neat! I will definitly have to take my nephew there when he gets a little bigger.

After the children's museum we went home, and I made lunch.. which was Mac and Cheese, who knew, I could make Mac and Cheese, wrong.. or at least Not the way that their Mom made it! I was like.. huh.. Max was like.. Can i have some yellow cheese from the packet and I was like.. umm its all in the bowl.. I was really confused, but then zeke was like.. its okay we'll use the white cheese so that satisified them.. these boys really realy love their cheese!

Then we went downstairs and played with some cars and brooke came over! Thanks Brooke!! It was nice to have a break for a short time.. They take a lot of energy.. Later that night we made Dinosours!! Zeke was soo in love with his dinosours.. it was great, i found this site on the web where you can print them out and have the kids color and cut and take or fold.. it was pretty cool, Max didn't seem as impressed, but was okay with just coloring on the paper, which was okay with me, and soon enough it was tiem for bed!

Whew! one day down.. one day to go.. and after they went to bed.. which seemed so flawlessly.. I mean.. it was just so great! These boys were so great!! They didn't argue about bed time or anything.. such a blessing!

Miriam stayed up wiht brooke and I as we picked up a littel and played with her until it was her bed time, she was great too! She helped us pick up the books in the living room and we read some book snad put some puzzles away... such a helper!

Brooke stayed afterwards and we talked for an hour or so.. it was so great! Such a great way to end a great day! I hadn't really got a chance to talk to Brooke one on one before, but it was great to get to know her more..

Then, day two!
I was still laying in bed, when the boys came in.. Good MORNING!!! as they jumped up and down.. I was awake but I thought.. wow how could they have so much energy.. they are morning boys!! I am not a morning person, but I smiled, as they told me their stories of how sometimes they wake up and be really quite not to wake their parents, they were so cute! Then we went out and all they could talk about was more dinosours.. I was like.. you still have that in your head.. wow! So we made a few more before I told the boys we this would be the last one before we would have to eat breakfast.. then we had breakfast.. Cereal of course, but the boys.. eat theirs without milk, I almost poured milk on it but max kindly let me know that they didn't eat it with milk.

Then we all got ready for church, and made it on time and early! the boys and miriam all great at getting ready.. and then after church we had lunch and by that time it was time for their parents to come home.. it went by soo fast, but I had sooo much fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat!! I love those kids! Zeke remidns me so much of a kid I had when I worked at a day care and ever day when I came to work he would be comeing down from his nap and he would shout.. LESLIE!! and then find me and want to do something with me.. he always made me feel special.

Max and Miriam are also favoriteS! They play together so cute, Max always wants to show her sister something new, or where to go, which is pretty cute!

I had so much fun to have the priveledge of baby sitting them, but it most defintily is a full time job!


At 2:48 PM , Anonymous Dana said...

Well, I can say that the boys are definitely counting down the days until you stay the weekend with them again! Thank YOU so much Leslie for taking such good care of them!


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