Friday, April 27, 2007

Big Big Bargins.. The Dave Ramsey Way!

Okay.. so I have been dying to write this post for a long time, but I wanted to make sure I had enough evidence, experience, and documentation to explain :)

So I am currently take Finacial Peace University that is taught by Dave Ramsey, thru video. One session in March, was on how to get a Big Big Bargins, Dave's way of course is bargining, finding that big deal, waiting, having patience, and a lot of other stuff.. I knew after listening to the video that I am non confrontional and I don't think that I could walk into Best Buy, and ask for a deal..

In light of this, I got the grand idea, from some internet research to try out Couponing! I always thought coupons were such a waste, I didn't think anyone could possible SAVE that much money, after all the coupons are only worth.. 25 cents to a dollar or more, how is it possible to save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill and health items if your only saving a dollar at a time..

Well Amber and I started couponing in the begining of March. We bought the Sunday Paper to get coupons and then got smarter as time went on and switched to buying the Press Citizen on Saturdays, its Cheaper, and it has the coupons in it! We also searched out our little elves for helpers, my mom graciously pitched in, she buys two sunday papers, but doesn't use her coupons, and Amber's mom also graciously pitched in! We are off to a great start!

Our first couponing adventure was a Super Target! We went in to get a GREAT deal on Chicken, 1.99 for 2.5 lbs, how could you go wrong? We even called in a few friends and asked if they wanted cheap Chicken, Bannans - .39Cents for two pounds, Potatoes - .75 cents a bag, and of course a few people took us up on our offer :)

I remmeber walking out of that store, soooo EXCITED! I saved money, I wasn't all down becuase I had to fork over lots of cash for good chicken.. we ended up walking out of there with 11 bags of chicken for around 22 dollars, and if we paid full price it would have costed us around 87.89, we ended up saving around 66 dollars! HOLY TOLIDEO!!! who would have thunk it.

Since then I've gotten better and I learned the value of CVS :) and I learned that I didn't have to shop at Aldis' to save money, and I could still buy name brand delicious stuff, our cubards have never been fuller, and we have never saved so much money on grocerys :)

So you are probably asking, how much have you saved, In the month of March, we saved $312.22, we actually bought 458.02 dollars worth of stuff for 145.80, that my friends is a savings of 68%, not to bad for the first month.

So you ask what have you bought?, what have we got a deal on!
Steamfresh Veggies! - .28 at HyVee
Quaker Oats Granola Bites - .00 at Target - AMAZING Deal!
Granola Bars - .00 at Target - Another Amazing Deal!
Chex Mix - .09 at Target
Steaks and Pot Roast - 1-2 dollars at Super Target
Chicken - 2.00 at Target
Soda - .00 at CVS :)
Poptarts - .50 at Target
Gum - .00 at CVS and Target
Cereal - .19 @ HyVeee
Cereal Brand Name - 1.00 @ Kmart and 1.00 @ Hyvee
Hamburger Helper - .00 @ Walmart .25 At HyEe
Betty Crocker Potatos - .35 @ HyVee
GoTarts - .75 at Target
Grape Nuts Granola Bars - .70 @ HyVee
Milk - .45 @ Walmart, .33 @ Hyvee
Eggs - .50 @ Target, .00 @ Target

Toothpaste, Toothbruses - .00 at CVS
Softsoap, Lever 2000, Irish Spring - .00 at CVS
Aleve, Tyenol, Alavert - .00 at CVS
Tampons, Pads - .00 at CVS
Nail Files, Clippers - .00 at CVS
Shampoo and Conditioner - .00 @ Walmart, Target, CVS
Venus Razors - .67 @ Walmart

Lysol Wipes - 1.00 @ Walgreens
Pledge Dustors - .87 @ Target, .00 @ CVS
Swiffer Carper Flick - .00 @ CVS
Dishwasher Tabs - .00 @ Target, Walmart
Charmin Toilet Paper - .00 @ CVS
Bounty Paper Towels - .00 @ CVS

We have got some AMAZING deals! I find it hard any more to spend more than a dollar on a lot of items any more.. Things that I used to buy for 4.00 or more I now find my self getting free and stocking up!

The say that deals run in 12 week cycles, so if you buy enough for 12 weeks, then the next time the deal comes around, you'll be ready to get it cheap once again... and so we have done this, but the best part is we now have extra snacks and such that we can give stuff away and not feel guilty, it's actually so rewarding!! We've given away toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, snacks! They also say that a person can be stock piled in 6-8 weeks.. were venturing on this avenue, I am finding myself spending less time because we don't need much any more.. I am sure that as it goes, we will also spend even less as we get more things for cheap :)

Sure we had to spend around 15 dollars at CVS to get started but ever since then.. we spend less than a dollar, usually under a nickel :) Sure it's taken time to get organized with coupons and time to find the deals but I enjoy it! and it's soooo worth it! We still spend some money buying need items, fruit, bread, and items we would enjoy.

I've enjoyed the journey, and couponing is DEFINITLY something I will continue to do.. The real way you save money with coupons is you wait, you wait patiently for a deal to come along :), like for instance Hamburger Helper is on sale this week at HyVee 10 for 10. I have coupons for a dollar off, making it free! we'll stock up with the number of coupons we have, but had I not waited, I could have paid .68 cents a box.. maybe still a good deal, but Free is waaay better! :0 I love getting free stuff! It's such a great way to stretch your dollar farther!


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