Monday, June 04, 2007

2 down... 10 to go! :)

I am once again switching up my diet and exercise for a little bit, to throw my body for a loop :) I am going thru the Body For Life (BFL) program which consists of eating 6 small healthy well balanced meals a day and working out fairly intensly for 6 days of the week. However on day 7 you get to throw out your eating style and your workout and party it up! :)

I am currenlty on week three and it's working!! :) While I was successful to loose weight before BFL I had hit a platue and my body was saying ohh please stop, and I was quite where I was ready to be at, So I was ready to try something new.

I am really enjoying the new workouts, that consist of lifting weights three times a week and a high intensity cardio workout that leaves your heart pounding and you catching your breath for the next few minutes after your workout is done, but it's a great time.

And I have to say that I haven't missed a workout yet! which is the best part, well maybe not the best part, I think the best part, is the scale is moving!!! :)

While it has not all be ups! there have been there moments of ugh's and telling friends and family no thank you many times, and passing up favorites during the week and challenging during BBQ's and meals out and passing up on goodies at work, I've made the commitment and pushed thru. It's so much easier It's only so many days till FREE DAY!! :) I think the next biggest challenge will be this upcoming weekend as I travel.. it should be an intresteing venture! :)


At 10:55 AM , Anonymous Dana said...

That is so wonderful Leslie! You continue to amaze me in your determination! I love you friend!


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