Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Back to school...or working on making my dream become reality

Maybe it's just that I am getting older and not so much wiser, but this week I decided would be a good week to become wiser or at least get educated in a few things.

Last night was my first night of my Group Fitness Instructor Course. I was a little nervous going into, not quite sure what to expect, not quite sure if we were going to have to workout, or what we were exactly going to do, but it ended up being a fun two hours.

The first hour we ended up sitting around talking, introducing ourselves, and telling everyone why you came why you wanted to be a fitness instructor, which was a fun time, It was a pretty cool enviroment, mostly college students and a few older people such as my self.

The second hour we spent jumping into learning Hi-Lo Aerobics which is basically a mixture of High and Lo intensity aerobics. What basically happened was the instructor would do a step for 8 counts on the beat, then would yell out someones name and say okay how do I switch it up, how Do i add more intensity to this, and they would yell out a new step. This was quite fun, but I did learn that I am going to have to learn to figure out the down beat on music!

So we were getting towards the end and then we split up into two groups and our two groups reminded me of like stepping off almost one group would do one thing and then the other would do somethign else, like oh no, check us out, we can do it! It was pretty fun..

Things that I have to pick up or get the hang of
1) Talking while working out! - Whew, okay so you not only have to be in great shape, you have to be able to continue talking the entire time while you workout and give cues to tell them where your going, like say your going right, then you have to tell them to go left :) or they might just keep going right :)

2) Catching the Downbeat.. or just finding the beat all together, if anyone has good hints of getting the beat of music let me know I think I am going to need help here!

3) Counting in 8's anyone? or 32? I guess that's just how you do it? you count in a set of 32 or 4 sets of 8 and you never let someone do something more than a set of 16.. whew who kenw this was so complicated?

Class number 2 is tonight! :) I am hoping we are going to learn some weight lifting tongiht, I think i could do a little better, I think we are also going to do some step tonight.. that aughta be intresting :)


At 7:18 AM , Anonymous Dana said...

"and a few older people such as my self." What?! Dude, you are SO not old! :)! And your birthday is niext week and you'll be like, 21 all over again?

I am glad it was so much fun!! What a great experience!

At 12:27 PM , Blogger Leslie said...

I think according to the Dana rule book of birthdays... I will be like 21 all over again :)


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