Friday, June 22, 2007

Birthday Extravaganza!

I know this is kind of late, but I just have to post about it! :)

Once again I was reminded this year, how important my family really is to me, and how amazing my life group peeps are to me! :) This year I decided to head home for some time away and to spend some quality time with my family on my birthday and it happened to work great!

I haven't been home for a year and was excited to see the progress my parents were making on their new addition to their house, It was pretty cool to see, however I had to point out that the green color my mom had picked out for one of the rooms just HAD TO GO!! So because I said it had to go, I spent my birthday morning painting :) Which was fine by me, I really enjoyed being at home, surrounded by peice and quiet and remembering home just how I left it. I was happy to be able to serve my mom as she has served me so many times.

On Tuesday my mom took me to Sanborn Iowa inwhich we got to pick FRESH strawberries!!! Oh my they were amazing! As you pick you can eat as much as you want.. mmm yummy! We took away 6 flats of strawberries to bring back to family and friends! All part of my birthday present from my mom and it was a great one!! I loved every minute of picking hte strawberries and having fun in the sun.

While we were finishing eating breakfast we got an intresting call, it was from a flowershop in Marcus, saying they had a delivery for me.. Because of where we were and I was heading back to Iowa city that day, We decided to drive over and pick them up, however on the way over, my mom and I were both puzzled as to who sent me flowers.. and why Marcus? Don't people know that I live in Cherokee, It was a very puzzling but fun ride to Marcus. When I got the flowers, they were BEAUTIFUL!!! They were from my life group (THANKS GIRLS!!!)

After we got home, I packed up and headed home, on Wednesday night the girls suprised me with another b-day surprise at Life group, Which was again, beyond amazing and awesome!! I can't tell you how much these girls mean to me, or how much they showed their love and caring hearts!! THANK YOU!!!

We meet up at subway and ate there, (thanks for the healthy choice) and then we went and played Frisbee Golf!! One of my favs!! (Thanks again for throwing some activity in, I loved every minute!!!!) It was fun watching everyone play and some of our frisbee's going into the woods, but a great time.

Then we headed back to town to get our cars, I thought all our fun was over and Amber Tianna and I were chilling in her car on the way to get her gas.. Our night was just begining.. Tianna just got a new used car for her that just had gotten a repair on her fuel tank or such. So as were sitting at caseys's she is filling up and I swear it sounds like gas is POURING out onto the ground, but she is sitting talking in the car with us.. and a few seconds later i hear.. WHAT?!?! As i open my door and take a step out, Gas, everywhere!!! 5 gallons of gas spilled all over casey's cement... rut roh!

We move the car and she goes in to tell the gas attendend.. she is taking a littel longer than we thought she should so we go in to check it out, I guess they have to call the Fire Department.. so soon enough were standing outside and we hear the fire truck sirens, lights, you name it! In the mean time I am thinking I should text dana and tell her what is happening. So I eventually get to my phone and send her a text message... our converstaion goes something like this..

Me: Hey Guess what is happening?
Dana: what?
Me: Were at Casey's with the fire trucks, gas all over the ground
Dana: Oh NO!! are you okay?

So a pause, I am thinking.. sure, but in the background Amber says say NO say NO!! and I am like.. hhmmm so then I type no, then she says say we got gas all over our legs and they had to spray us off! and Tianna in the background is saying, no no, say No, we got gass all over us, and they made us strip and hose us off, and then just send JK.

By this time I am laughing so hard i am like.. guys I dunnoo..but pushed by peer pressure I cave! :)

Me: No! We got gas all ove us and they had to spray us off!!
Me: JK
Dana: That joke was great!
Me: They made me do it!
Dana: I keep picturing you 3 with your skivies on and them spraying you off and you all giggling.

oh Priceless!! Definitly a B-day to remember, thanks again girls!!!


At 10:05 AM , Anonymous Dana said...

I for one and glad you wrote all this out, definitely better late than never! What an eventful birthday for sure! I hope you are feeling better for your tri this weekend!! Much love & Prayers!


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