Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Class #2

It's only Wednesday?!?! I am thinking it should be Friday! This week seems to be flying by but it's really not.. or maybe I just really want the weekend to get here as well.

Last night we had class #2. Who knew you could spend the entire two hours of class doing step aerobics! whew! What a workout! I am very thankful for the shape that I am currently in. Had it been a year ago, or two years ago, I think I would have died 30 minutes into step aerobics, but nope, I made it all 2 hours, and at the end, I didn't even think it was that bad, thinking I could have gone more, not to shabby! :)

I am still finding out that cueing is extremely hard but instructors make it look extremly easy! but thankfully I can take all the time I need to learn, Yes after the class I could technically teach, but they suggest we take our time learning lots and then when we are ready to teach to let them know, I am waaaay excited by that factor!

I am meeting lots of students in our class, and getting in fun converstaions that I am praying will hopefully go beyond this class!! yay! Thanks GOD! I meet a girl last night that is currently studying for ACE (which is how you get your personal training certificate) I got to ask her all sorts of questions about it, which got me excited, and she was happy to share.

I also know that I am not great at following up with people or making friends.. I am really bad at this.. but I am really hoping and praying that God will show me how to make it all work and grow me slowly :) I am so thankful that the people in this class are open, fun and funky!!

the best line from last night was "not all of you need to start your class with "ehhh" it's all good it's all good" or funk music :)

Tonight we are learning BOOTCAMP!!! YES!!! I am sooo psyched by this factor, I don't think or know that I could do bootcamp for two hours, but I am way excited to learn bootcamp because it's what I would really like to teach! So hears hoping and praying to another great night at class! :)


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