Thursday, June 07, 2007

Day #3

Is it friday yet??? Okay seriously??

Last night, I thought I might die during class, whew what a workout. I have never seen so many people red faced, sweating non stop, wanting to stop, and even the thoughts of vomiting crossing their minds.. yup it even crossed mine! We even had a few people WALK OUT OF CLASS!!

Last night we learned all about kick boxing, our instructor told us at the begining of the class, that the exercise portion of the class would be short and sweet, meaning about an hour and 15 minutes or so.. which I was way excited about, my calves still hurt from the night before.

We learned about the technique of kickboxing, how to properly stand, guard up, kick, throw punches, etc.. which was fun, but man it takes a lot of ab and core work to hold ya there and yes you can get a great workout from it. The kickboxing that was supposed to last 30 minutes quickly turned into about an hour and 10 minutes.. bummer man.. but, it was all good. By the end of the workout, I was ready for a change.

We moved onto bootcamp! WHEW! who knew it could be such a workout! I mean I knew it would be intense, but wow what a whole new level. We lined up the stairs from front of the room to the back, starting with a 3 minute jog all was good, i was like okay.. then we moved onto doing up and downs on the steps.. wowzers, and then lunges on the steps, jumps on the steps, all sorts of crazy things on the steps.. and then.. we did LUNGES down and back in the room.. ooh feel the burn! Then I am thinking okay.. I am still here just make it thru leslie you can do it.. we move on.. and she says okay.. lets do some sprints.. holy tolido.. lets push my self a little more.. were now doing sprints up and down the room.. I really now think I am going to vomit, we then move to suicides.. oh my! Is this pain ever going to end?? We then lined up on the steps again to do pushups, tricep dips, mountain climbers.. someone please end this!!! Then we stand up and she begins to explain what else you cna do.. such as indian runs, and somone says I don't knwo what that is.. EVERYONE in the class JUMPS to explain what it is.. we really don't want to go do it.. but NOPE..

off to the track it is.. to complete the indian run!! Oh my.. An indian run is everyone is jogging in a straight line and then the back person sprints to the front and then the next person in the back sprints to the front.. etc.. We went around the track serveral times before we headed back to the room, for more mountain climbers and jumping jacks, and yes a true bootcamp! Whew!

What a night, I was glad to be walking to my car, talking to a fellow class mate on the way down.. still thinking i might not make it to my car.. but talking about an intense workout! holy tolido!!! I tink I could definitly TEACH bootcamp but I think i might make it a little easier :) I am still way excited about the possiblitly. I think the more I think about it, I like step but I don't know if I really want to teach it.. I don't know if it's really me.. we'll see.. I really would love to teach bootcamp and spinning so we'll see :)

Tonight is the last night and we are learning weights! Hope there is not to much overload! :) And please if your praying continue to pray for lasting relationships from this.



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