Friday, June 08, 2007

Day 4 - Yes it's really FRIDAY!!!


It really is friday, and thank goodness!! Last night workout was just as hard as the rest, but it was worth it.. My back, shoulder hurts today, I think a rib might be out of alightment but other than that I feel pretty good.. My calves are finally starting to stop hurting :) And my overall body just slightly aches.. not to bad, especially after lifting weights for 2 hours last night :)

Last inght was the final night of class.. out of 25 that started the class only 11 finished!! WOW.. who knew when we started the class that less than half would finish the class, I thought it was kind of crazy but I am very happy and proud to have made a goal and completed it, even if I would never teach a class, I learned so much in just 4 days.. and I learend that I can push my self to places I thought I would never go.

I don't know however if I could survive another week.. maybe mentally :) becuase I refuse to say I can't.. but I dunno it was getting down there, there were times last night when I seriously wanted to cry, but refused to give up. I was thankful that both instructors were there and one was always helping us get a break!!! Thank you thank you!!

I am also thankful for the opportunity to meet knew people and figure out new ways to push past my comfort zone, to take a step out there, to say hello, to ask what their name is, to say my name is, to ask their intrest, and find out a little baout a person, I am excited to see where God is going to lead me in this. Who knows? :)

I am also thankful for all the friends who brought me this far! Who have always encouraged me, kept me going and supported me along the way, I don't think I coul dhave done it wihtout you!

So even with a migraine for two days I still made it thru 4 days of class.. I figure if I can make it thru a 2 hour intense class not feeling so great, I can also at least make it to the gym and try the workout before I say.. eh I don't feel like it today.. If i only worked out on the days i felt like working out, I think I would only work out 10% of the time.. but I do have to admit.. I still love working out.. But I love also being pushed during a workout, passed where I ever thought I could go physically so I have to use my mental and spiritual self, so maybe I'll have to find another thing to push me to a nother limit exercise wise! WOOOT!!


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